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Asbestosis – How “Coffin Nails” Can Really Become Coffin Nails

Asbestosis – How “Coffin Nails” Can Really Become Coffin Nails

Asbestos causes a host of health problems. One that doesn’t get as much hype is asbestosis. In this article, we take a look at asbestosis and smoking.

Asbestos is a wondrous natural material. How so? It is incredibly heat and fire resistant. As a result, it has been used throughout history in products and building materials wherever heat and fire have been a concern. This includes in boiler rooms on Naval ships, in brake pads on cars and in construction materials like ceiling tile, siding, insulation and so on.

Asbestosis is not a form of cancer. There is a lot of confusion on this issue. Instead, it is a scarring of the lungs. This occurs when asbestos fibers are inhaled into the lungs and become embedded higher up in the lungs. The body cannot expel the fibers through coughing and scarring starts to occur. While asbestosis is not a form of cancer, it can lead to lung cancer particularly where other risk factors are present.

As you can probably guess, smoking is one of the key risk factors when evaluation the risk of lung cancer. Consistent smoking weakens and damages the lung material. In combination with the scarring from the asbestos fibers, this leaves the lungs in horrific condition, one so bad that the onset of lung cancer becomes much more likely. How much more? Try 50 percent more likely.

Now, there is a flip side to this equation. What if you smoke now and are exposed to asbestos? Is it a death sentence? No. According to the National Cancer Institute, you drop the chance of your getting lung cancer by a huge 50 percent if you stop smoking. Yes, another reason for you to stop firing up those coffin nails.

I smoked for years. I was never exposed to asbestos. At least I hope not. You can quit if you really want to. If you’ve been exposed to asbestos, the question is not whether you want to quiet smoking, but whether you want to keep living. Smoking while around asbestos is damn near committing suicide. Don’t do it!


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Contacting A Mesothelioma Lawyer

Contacting A Mesothelioma Lawyer

Many people who are diagnosed with Mesothelioma have no idea what it is and have never heard of it before. Mesothelioma is cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure and to date, there are no other findings that suggest this cancer to be caused by any other source. Most of the victims of Mesothelioma were workers who worked with asbestos who were not warned of the dangers of working with this toxic product.

People who are diagnosed with Mesothelioma should contact a Rhode Island Mesothelioma lawyer to help them with a Mesothelioma lawsuit that can get compensation for them to help with the medical and financial bills that are a result of the diagnosis.

The cause of Mesothelioma is the inhalation or swallowing of asbestos fibers that become lodged in the body. These asbestos fibers are indestructible and the body’s immune system can not get rid of them or break them down. Mesothelioma is a progressive cancer that takes the lives of people who are diagnosed with in within one to two years. Mesothelioma attacks the immune system as well as the area in which the cancer has set in.

Most cases of Mesothelioma is in the pleura, the lining that surrounds the lungs, however Mesothelioma can also attack the lining of the heart or abdominal cavity. While Mesothelioma is relatively rare, 3,000 new cases are reported each year in the US.

Mesothelioma can be caused by any level of asbestos exposure, even infrequent exposure or para-occupational exposure. Para-occupational exposure is secondary exposure and is usually found in the families of people who worked with asbestos materials. The fibers easily cling to hair, skin, clothing and shoes and can become dislodged in the home, creating secondary exposure.

The vast majority of Mesothelioma cancer cases can be traced back to exposure to asbestos in the work place. 20 years ago, products that contained asbestos and asbestos materials were in high demand and used frequently in construction and manufacturing. At that time it was known that asbestos exposure could lead to progressive health disorders such as Mesothelioma.

In World War II, asbestos was used quite frequently in the manufacturing of ships for the war effort in naval ship yards throughout the country. Asbestos was used for building construction and the manufacturing of automobiles as well during this time. Until recently, asbestos products and processes that utilize asbestos were unregulated, although the high risk factors associated with asbestos exposure were known and few safety precautions were offered by companies, and these companies continued to freely use the product.

Most of the companies that used asbestos products or processes failed to provide safety precautions or education for their workers regarding the high risk of working with the product. Their ignorance and complacency however has left them on the hook for financial compensation for workers with Mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases.

If you or someone you love has contracted Mesothelioma cancer, your best bet is to contact a Rhode Island Mesothelioma lawyer to find out if you have a Mesothelioma lawsuit case to build. The chief problem with Mesothelioma lawsuits is the length of time between exposure to asbestos and diagnosis of Mesothelioma – which is usually approximately 20 years. This makes it quite difficult for Rhode Island Mesothelioma to find the company responsible for your exposure as well as for doctors to properly diagnose the disease.

Mesothelioma symptoms include:

- fluid in the chest,

- chest pains,

- difficulty breathing, and

- coughing.

The nature of Mesothelioma symptoms is easily mistaken for other conditions because they are so similar to other maladies, which in turn often delays the diagnosis of Mesothelioma cancer. Conventional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy have little to no effect on Mesothelioma cancer’s progression.

Most Mesothelioma victims can help to pinpoint the company or company’s responsible for their asbestos exposure. Most of the companies knew the dangers of asbestos exposure and failed to take precautions or measures to protect their workers. Mesothelioma is devastating to people and families emotionally, physically and financially.

A Rhode Island Mesothelioma attorney can help you file a Mesothelioma lawsuit for yourself or a loved one against the company responsible for the exposure. A good Mesothelioma lawyer can easily track down the responsible party and fight to gain financial compensation. While finances are no replacement for a life lost to Mesothelioma, it can help with the financial burden the disease brings with it including funeral expenses, lost wages, medical costs and pain and suffering.

Nick Johnson is lead counsel with Johnson Law Group. Johnson represents plaintiffs in many states and focuses on injury cases involving Fen-Phen and PPH, Paxil, Mesothelioma and Nursing Home Abuse. Call Nick Johnson at 1-888-311-5522 or visit

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Asbestos – and You Thought it Was Banned?

Asbestos – and You Thought it Was Banned?

Everyone seems to think that Asbestos was banned.  I mean, we know it is a toxic substance which causes deadly cancers and diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma.  We know it kills people but why on earth would you think it was banned?  Is it possible that this deadly substance was never really banned?   Is it possible that asbestos containing products are still around us?

Here are the facts: Asbestos kills over 10,000 men, woman and children every year.  Still today, asbestos containing products are being manufactured and imported into the country. During 1971 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listed asbestos as a Hazardous Air Pollutant.   At that time the EPA and OSHA started to restrict the uses of asbestos in products. Throughout the 1970‘s the EPA and US Government wanted to ban asbestos products but pressures from asbestos producers and the Canadian government sought to stop it.

During 1989, the EPA said it would phase out and ban up to 94% of all products containing asbestos in consumer products by 1997.  The EPA said: “asbestos is a human carcinogen and is one of the most hazardous substances to which humans are exposed in both occupational and non-occupational settings.” The EPA had it correct – countless tests, studies and deaths already proved it.

So what happened?  It sounded like the US was being the great Leader of the world, like it usually is, and is banning and/or phasing out asbestos products.  Well the asbestos industry did not like the ban – it meant losing millions, or I should say billions of dollars.  So they filed lawsuits against the EPA and in 1991, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the ban.

Where do we stand now? Political pressures from various groups to keep asbestos products amongst us and some strong politicians who are trying to ban it are going on right now.  Legislation and bills are being created to finally ban ACB, Asbestos Containing Products.   Will it pass and finally be banned?  No one knows, but one thing is for sure;  there are less products being made with asbestos.  People are learning the truth about this toxic substance and the ban is closer to being realized than ever before.

Mark Ralph is a prolific Author and Investigative journalist on the web where he writes about varied topics. He Researches Health & Nutrition and is an Expert in Investing, Marketing & Business. For Asbestos Information, click: Asbestos Products Learn about Mesothelioma and For Rare Asbestos Company Advertisements and Catalogs for Collectors or Litigation purposes, Click: Asbestos Catalogs.

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10 things to know about asbestosis

10 things to know about asbestosis

If you’ve heard the term asbestosis, but I do not know what it is, then that’s what you need to know.

Before Asbestosis is a respiratory illness, lung affected. It is not always obvious, because the symptoms are similar to aging and obesity.

- Asbestos lung mesothelioma

According to E ‘can develop about 15 to 20 years for asbestosis, and then is that many older people who think that their symptoms only a sign that they may be old.

Third Most foreign bodies inhaledbe interrupted by microphages before reaching the lungs. Unfortunately, asbestos can not be broken lightly. microphages use the method to break asbestos causes damage to the alveoli, which then leads to respiratory problems because their lungs have been damaged.

- Asbestos lung mesothelioma

The first symptoms are usually the fourth asbestos malaise and depression. It could be short of breath after light exercise. They may also cough too.

As the fifth diseaseprogresses, it could be more short of breath, and begin to have chest pain. Another sign of asbestosis and fingers begin to deform, so that oxygen is exchanged is not efficient in the blood indicates.

The sixth advanced stage of asbestosis are much more pain in my chest. You’ll have trouble sleeping because of pain and unable to breathe, right. You may need to go back, breathing being. His hands and feet may begin to swell. You could also startCoughing up blood. If you are a smoker or were, then you might think that his condition is due to smoking.

If you are a seventh was diagnosed with asbestosis, then it can be controlled in general. They want to be able to preserve some of your independence, and continue with your life as usual when you can.

eighth asbestos can cause cancer and other serious diseases such as mesothelioma. These can be fatal, so it is important to consult a doctor ifYou think you may be exposed to asbestos was.

Asbestos was ninth in many environments, living and working in 1900 and 1970. It covers all types of workers, such as shipyard workers, gas fitters, electricians, carpenters, and even those who lived near asbestos factories or washed the overalls of the workers.

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