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Maurice Lucas Succumbs to Most cancers

Maurice Lucas Succumbs to Most cancers

Maurice Lucas – who was fighting in opposition to bladder most cancers for a prolonged time died in his homeland on Sunday. Maurice was 58 many years previous, and acquired played some fantastic hoop video games and dazzled numerous. He helped Portland to carry home an NBA title in 1977 as a power ahead and he was also the assistant coach for the Trailblazers. Lucas has three children, two sons – David and Maurice II and a daughter Kristin, who are now left alone with their mother – Pamela.

Lucas acquired a Gratifying Profession

Ahead of leaving the group to undertake surgical treatment final 12 months, Maurice was serving as an assistant coach to the Portland Trailblazers. He joined the crew in Portland in 1976, and played 14 professional seasons following that. Maurice had a nutritious and satisfying profession, but ‘the Enforcer’ will absolutely be missed by his group and his former teammates.

Taking walks Across the Road Carries Dangers Too

Cancer has been the purpose for the deaths of millions close to the globe. Another form of cancer malignancy that influences men and women who work in and all-around asbestos is Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma causes degradation of the mesothelium, and thus it has an effect on all of a human’s inner organs. Mesothelioma has been close to given that the time of the Commercial Revolution considering that that was the explanation for the unfold of this sickness. Hundreds of factories and industries that have been set up because the Commercial Revolution nonetheless continue to operate, but with rigid protocols, despite the danger of asbestos. Asbestos is not the only hazardous product or service in industry, as long as the security measures are followed, there will not be any well being dangers. With that said, there has been an improve in the fee of this variety of most cancers in Europe.

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Anti-Asbestos Activists Call For Worldwide Ban

Anti-Asbestos Activists Call For Worldwide Ban

Asbestos, the hazardous building material linked to potentially deadly health problems including cancer and lung problems, has been the focus of a worldwide debate to ban its use in developing countries.

Anti-asbestos activists and asbestos victims – those suffering from the fatal side effects like mesothelioma or asbestosis – met in Turin, Italy to discuss the worldwide ban and justice against the companies that continue to use the material.

Due to its inexpensive nature, the material has been a favorite in developing countries, in part because it has been banned in other countries, including the European Union since 2005. Mesothelioma, for example, can manifest close to 30 or 40 years after the initial exposure, which makes the harmful side effects even more difficult to pinpoint.

An Italian mesothelioma lawsuit is the largest class action lawsuits in the world, claim a major construction company. The contamination from asbestos has claimed the lives of close to 2,000 Italians and has effected the health of close to 6,000 the lawsuit claims. The plaintiffs – residents of four Italian cities where the company had factories as well as former employees who handled the material – are expected to seek several million Euros in compensation.

The meeting was organized by Ban Asbestos, a worldwide organization whose goal is ban the fibrous material and “end the impunity” towards companies that use asbestos.

A ban in Brazil was judged to be constitutional, however other countries either no not ban the substance or ostracize companies that continue to use asbestos.

Despite several attempts by lobby groups to enact a nationwide ban, products that contain less than one percent of asbestos have not been banned in the United States.

However, developing countries such as India do not have any bans in place, which allows free reign for the country to import the material from Russia and Canada to be used in housing material for the poor.

Many of those living in impoverished areas do not the information available alerting them of the dangers associated with asbestos building materials. Even if they were to contract mesothelioma or another asbestos-related illness, it would be difficult to contact a mesothelioma attorney to represent them in court against the companies that continue to use the dangerous substance – despite the known risks involved.

Asbestos removal should only be performed by a licensed professional due to the hazardous nature of the material. The World Health Organization has stated that no safe levels of the carcinogen exist, which make it very difficult to just restrict the use to prevent future health problems. The advocacy groups maintain that a full ban is necessary in order to provide full protection against asbestos.

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Evaluating Benign and Malignant Lung and Pleural Masses in Asbestosis and Mesothelioma

Evaluating Benign and Malignant Lung and Pleural Masses in Asbestosis and Mesothelioma

Exposure to asbestos in the workplace is the most common cause of Mesothelioma disease.  Continued research is necessary if we are ever to find a cure.  One interesting study is called, “Exposure to Asbestos and Human Disease.” By Becklake, MR – New England Journal of Medicine Vol. 306, no. 24, pp. 1480-1482. 1982.  Here is an excerpt: “During the past two decades, ill health resulting from exposure to asbestos has been the subject of extensive observation and research — probably more intensive than research on any other environmental agent. In the most direct target organ, the lung, in its pleural coverings, there is a wide spectrum of response after exposure; not only acute and chronic inflammatory diseases but also cancer of these organs may occur. Research has been stimulated by the belief that the more complete our understanding of the mechanisms of pathogenesis, the better will be the ability to control the continued use of this mineral in today’s complex technologic world.”

Another interesting study is called, “Analysis of amphibole asbestos in chrysotile and other minerals.” By Addison, J, Davies, LST – Annals of Occupational Hygiene [ANN. OCCUP. HYG.]. Vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 159-175. 1990.  Here is an excerpt: “Chrysotile asbestos and many other mineral raw materials contain amphibole minerals which may be asbestiform. There is currently no analytical method which will detect the presence of amphibole at sufficiently low limits to preclude the possibility of inadvertent exposure of persons handling these materials to hazardous airborne fibre concentrations. A method of chemical digestion of chrysotiles has been tested with regard to the determination of their tremolite contaminant content and this has been applied to a range of chrysotile and other minerals. The method improves the sensitivity of the amphibole analysis at least 10-fold giving detection limits of 0.01-0.05% in chrysotile by X-ray diffractometry.”

Another interesting study is called, “Computed tomography in the diagnosis of asbestos-related thoracic disease” by Gamsu, Gordon MD; Aberle, Denise R. MD; Lynch, David MD, BCh – Journal of Thoracic Imaging – January 1989 – Volume 4 – Issue 1.  Here is an excerpt: “Abstract – High-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) has improved the radiologist’s ability to detect and potentially quantify the abnormalities of asbestos exposure. It has proved to be more sensitive than chest radiography for detecting pleural plaques and for discriminating between pleural fibrosis and extrapleural fat. HRCT is also more sensitive than chest radiography or conventional CT for detecting parenchymal abnormalities in asbestos-exposed persons. The HRCT findings that correlate with other parameters of asbestosis include (1) septal and centrilobular thickening, (2) parenchymal fibrous bands, (3) honeycomb patterns, (4) subpleural density persisting in the prone position, and (5) subpleural curvilinear lines that persist in the prone position. CT has an important role in evaluating benign and malignant lung and pleural masses in asbestosis.”

Another study is called, “Effect of Long-Term Removal of Iron from Asbestos by Desferrioxamine B on Subsequent Mobilization by Other Chelators and Induction of DNA Single-Strand Breaks” by Chao C. C. and Aust A. E. – Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics – Volume 308, Issue 1, January 1994, Pages 64-69.  Here is an excerpt: “
Abstract – The long-term removal of iron from crocidolite or amosite by desferrioxamine B (DF) at pH 7.5 or 5.0 was studied. Crocidolite or amosite (1 mg/ml) was suspended in 50 mM NaCl at pH 7.5 or 5.0 with the addition of 1 mM DF for up to 90 days. Although the rate of iron mobilization decreased with time, iron was continuously mobilized from both forms of asbestos at pH 5.0 or 7.5. The amount of iron mobilized from crocidolite was at least twice that mobilized from amosite at either pH. Iron was mobilized more rapidly from crocidolite at pH 5.0 than at 7.5 for the first 15 days, but at later times the amount being mobilized at pH 7.5 became equal to or slightly greater than that at 5.0. For amosite, the mobilization at pH 5.0 was always greater than that at pH 7.5. Next, the effect of iron removal from asbestos by DF on subsequent iron mobilization by a second chelator (EDTA or citrate) and on induction of DNA single-strand breaks (SSBs) was studied. Asbestos, treated for up to 15 days with DF at pH 7.5, was washed to remove ferrioxamine and excess DF, then incubated with EDTA or citrate (1 mM). The rates of iron mobilization from both forms of asbestos by a second chelator decreased as more and more iron was removed by DF. Induction of DNA SSBs also decreased, reflecting the unavailability of iron to catalyze the damage. The results suggest three things. First, if long-term mobilization of iron from asbestos occurs in vivo as has been observed in vitro, it may play a role in the long-term biological effects of asbestos. Second, more rapid mobilization of iron from asbestos fibers may occur when the fibers are phagocytized by cells and maintained in phagosomes where the pH is 4.0-5.0. Third, treatment of asbestos by iron chelators, such as DF, prior to exposure to cultured cells or whole animals, may reduce the biological effects of asbestos resulting from iron, but may not completely eliminate them.”

We all owe a debt of gratitude to these fine researchers for their hard work and dedication.  If you found any of these excerpts interesting, please read the studies in their entirety.


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Mesothelioma Law – A Summary

Mesothelioma Law – A Summary

Sadly, the nature and location of mesothelioma and asbestosis make an early diagnosis difficult, if not impossible.  Most victims of mesothelioma do not have any medical options by the time they have been diagnosed.  This aggressive disease can be treated by chemotherapy, radiation, and other standard cancer regimens, but it is most often progressive and fatal.

Since this disease is almost always contracted by asbestos exposure, and since asbestos has been mined and used by companies for decades as a flame retardant, many workers have ended up suing their employers because of a disease resulting from this exposure to asbestos.  Thousands of asbestos-related lawsuits have been filed in the United States, as well as other countries since the 1930’s when the deadly effects of asbestos exposure were first documented.

Unfortunately, thousands of people are diagnosed with some form of mesothelioma.  Many seek compensation from the employer who exposed them to asbestos through a mesothelioma lawsuit. The laws associated with asbestos-related disease fall under the personal injury category.  The plaintiff sues the defendant for damages which have resulted from negligence or neglect.

In the case of a mesothelioma lawsuit, the plaintiff’s attorney must prove that the defendant is responsible for causing the exposure to asbestos, and that the company neglected to inform and protect the plaintiff from its effects.  The plaintiff’s case is stronger if he or she is a non-smoker and can prove that the asbestos exposure is the only possible cause of his or her disease.

Patients suffering from asbestos-related diseases such as asbestosis or mesothelioma needs to hire a competent and experienced mesothelioma attorney to represent them.  Since the defendant is probably a large company with previous experience in these cases, the plaintiff’s legal firm should be a specialist in mesothelioma law, and not just in general law.

The defendant’s lawyers have several options. They will often offer to settle out of court, especially if they fear that a jury trial would result in a ruling in favor of the plaintiff.  Many trials are shortened or avoided all together by a mesothelioma settlement.  If they go to trial and lose, they can also appeal the verdict if there are sufficient grounds to do so.

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Keeping a Clean Apartment Can Prevent Mesothelioma

Keeping a Clean Apartment Can Prevent Mesothelioma

In recent years, the reported cases of mesothelioma have increased greatly. While a specific individual’s mesothelioma causes can be unknown, the condition is typically linked to asbestos exposure. Maintaining a clean apartment is very important in making sure mesothelioma patients can live a happy and healthy lifestyle. UMoveFree, a free apartment finding service, is one way renters with mesothelioma can find apartments in Mesquite, TX that will not agitate their condition. By locating a newer and cleaner apartment, renters can avoid unnecessary sicknesses, asthma, allergies, and other pulmonary conditions that can be greatly worsened by living in an apartment environment that is not sanitary and clean. Here are some helpful hints that renters can follow when looking for Mesquite apartments or any other apartment, townhome or rental property.

Dust often

There are many tools available right now to help you maintain a dust-free apartment home. You are no longer limited to just a feather duster, but there are a number options available depending on what you need. Besides the hand-held vacuums that will help you battle the dust on your apartment’s upholstery and furniture, there are also disposable aids created by companies such as Swiffer that are intended to be tossed once you have completed you dusting. Dusting your apartment often is the key to being able to maintain tolerable levels. Using a dusting spray and a rag will also help you to catch dust particles that may be hard to pick up with a simple feather duster. While dusting is not considered a mesothelioma treatment, it can be a useful way to mitigate the condition’s side effects.

Purify and vent

Using an apartment air purifier is also a good way of filtering dust and other airborne particles out of the air that you breathe. Remember to find an air purifier with an energy star rating in order to be environmentally friendly. It is also important to keep in mind that any air purifier will have a filter system that will need to be changed often. In addition to an air purifying system, you should vent your apartment home and allow the air to circulate often. It’s often the lack of proper air ventilation that is linked to mesothelioma and asbestos exposure in the first place.

Keep a clean refrigerator and kitchen

Make sure that you regularly clean out your apartment refrigerator and kitchen. You don’t want to risk contamination of any of your food with mold or other bacteria. These factors can agitate mesothelioma and can encumber lung cancer treatment. Throw out any old food or expired items. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the trash, do a thorough wipe down of all walls, shelves, drawers. Use an antibacterial cleaner or pre-moistened wipes to make sure you get rid of any invisible grime or harmful germs. Use baking soda to avoid the foul smell that comes as a result of spoiled food. It has recently been reported that kitchens in most apartments wouldn’t pass the health inspection given to all restaurants, much less pass for a mesothelioma treatment facility. Don’t leave food sitting at room temperature for too long and change sponges and / or rags often in order to avoid unnecessary germs.

Sanitize your bathroom

Make sure that you have the right tools to do the trick when sanitizing your apartment bathroom. Use an antibacterial cleaner on the sick and countertops. Disposable cleaning tools are a must have in the bathroom to avoid nasty germs being spread across the bathroom. In addition to the antibacterial disinfectant, you can also use bleach, all-purpose cleaner, and Pine-Sol to disinfect the bathroom. Using a scrub brush or sponge in the bathtub and shower along with a good cleanser is the best way to avoid the creation of mildew. For a spot-free look, use a shower squeegee for doors and mirrors. Make sure you spot check in between cleanings.

In addition to all these handy tips, know that cleaning products don’t have to be harmful to the environment. There are many products now available that are environmentally-friendly. There are also several things around the house that can serve as green cleaning products for you. Baking soda and vinegar are just two examples of these types of products.

Renters that want help finding a perfectly clean and healthy apartment can use the assistance of an apartment locator, such as Renters that do their research online won’t find many UMoveFree complaints because the service has one of the most impeccable reputations in the industry.

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Financial Planning for Mesothelioma

No matter what your current financial situation is, there are steps you can take now to prepare for the difficult road ahead. You may want to consider retaining the services of an experienced attorney who works with people who have mesothelioma. A legal professional or a financial advisor can assist you by helping to identify resources you may not have considered.
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Navy Shipyards Asbestos products were used in the construction and maintenance of American ships from the early 1940s through the late 1970s. Navy sailors and workers employed in the shipbuilding trade, as well as those who converted, repaired, or overhauled ship operations, often came in contact with asbestos on the job. Some applications of asbestos in ships include: • joiner bulkhead systems, • insulation of steam and hot water pipes, boilers, and tanks, • ceiling tiles, • fire-resistant sheets in bulkheads, • insulation cement in lagging for machinery casings, and • lagging cloth. In the 1970s, the US government ordered the elimination of most uses of asbestos on ships. But while current shipbuilding activities generally do not expose workers to asbestos, exposure can still occur. Workers may come into contact with materials that contain asbestos during maintenance and repair activities on ships built prior to 1978, according to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Navy veterans who were exposed to asbestos during their service are entitled to sue the companies that produced and sold the asbestos used on naval ships. Since military records may be available to validate your mesothelioma claim, obtaining compensation may be less cumbersome than someone who is filing a claim against a private employer. A qualified mesothelioma attorney can help you hold the asbestos manufacturers