A Mesothelioma Lawyer Can Help You Wih A Lawsuit

A Mesothelioma Lawyer Can Help You Wih A Lawsuit

Every year there are 3,000 new cases of Mesothelioma diagnosed in the United States and most of the people who are diagnosed with Mesothelioma don’t know what it is or what causes it. Unfortunately, most people are diagnosed with Mesothelioma are well after the symptoms have began, which can impact treatment and Mesothelioma lawsuits.

Mesothelioma is cancer of the lining of the lungs, the lining of the abdominal cavity or around the lining of the heart. While this type of cancer is quite rare, the majority of people who have this cancer will die a year or two after being diagnosed.

Most cases of Mesothelioma can be traced directly back to asbestos exposure and to date, no other cause for this cancer has been discovered. Asbestos exposure happened through jobs that were held by people who worked with asbestos as well as some military service. 20 years ago, materials and products were manufactured and constructed using asbestos until it was learned that this exposure caused Mesothelioma cancer and other various health concerns.

In World War II, asbestos use was as it’s highest and in full demand – the US Navy was producing ships in mass quantities for the war effort. Asbestos was also used in the construction of buildings as well as automobiles and many other products. Until only a few years ago, the products and processes that use asbestos were unregulated, however the risks of exposure to asbestos were known years in advance yet companies still used the product and didn’t supply safety precautions or education for their workers regarding the risks of exposure. This leaves the companies open for their fault and liable for compensating their workers who were exposed to asbestos and now have Mesothelioma.

It is unfortunate that it is not only the people who worked directly with asbestos that are at risk for contracting Mesothelioma, but also their families. Asbestos is a fine fiber that is virtually indestructible by the body and is easily inhaled. Because it is so fine, it easily clings to skin, hair, clothing and shoes of workers and then can be dislodged at home, and inhaled by other family members.

If yourself or someone you love has Mesothelioma in the state of Rhode Island it is important to contact a Mesothelioma lawyer to find out if you have a potential lawsuit. The biggest problem with the onset of Mesothelioma relating to asbestos exposure is the length of time between the two – usually Mesothelioma symptoms don’t occur until 20 years after the exposure. This makes it hard to diagnose the cancer, as well as track the exposure to asbestos and label the company or companies responsible for the exposure.

The symptoms of Mesothelioma are very similar to many other medical problems and are often mistaken for other conditions, which can ultimately delay the diagnosis of Mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma symptoms include chest pains, fluid in the chest, difficultly breathing and coughing. By the time that people are diagnosed with Mesothelioma it is often too late and most people die within a year or two of their diagnosis. Conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy have not proven to be useful in combating Mesothelioma and seem to have little or no effect.

Mesothelioma is caused by the companies and supervisors of those companies of the workers who worked with asbestos and knew the dangers of asbestos exposure, yet didn’t provide for safety precautions to limit the exposure. Mesothelioma is devastating to the people who have it and to their families – physically, emotionally and financially.

A Mesothelioma attorney can help you with building a case for yourself or your loved one who has Mesothelioma. A mesothelioma lawyer in Rhode Island is the best person to track down the companies who are ultimately responsible for your cancer. A Mesothelioma lawyer can help you with a Mesothelioma lawsuit getting financial compensation for you and your family. A Mesothelioma lawyer can work for you to link your Mesothelioma cancer with asbestos exposure and look through your case.

While financial compensation doesn’t replace a life lost to this devastating disease, it can help with the financial ramifications of the disease as well as pain and suffering. The funds can be used to help with lost wages, medical expenses and funeral costs.

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