Asbestos and Cancer 1978

It is shocking that asbestos products continue to be used. For current information about asbestos and its hazards, see the website of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) at 1900 Asbestos recognized as a cause of occupational disease (asbestosis) in England. 1955 Richard Doll publishes research paper linking asbestos to lung cancer. 1960 Chris Wagner publishes research paper linking asbestos to mesothelioma. 1964 Irving Selikoff describes the incidence of asbestos related disease among insulation workers in the US 1971 EPA lists asbestos as a hazardous air pollutant. 1989 EPA promulgates Asbestos Ban and Phase — Out Rule. 1990 Ban & Phase — Out rule is mostly vacated by the US Circuit Court of Appeals. 2002 “Ban Asbestos in America Act” is introduced by US Senator Patty Murray. This is taken from the 1978 US government film, More Than a Paycheck. The entire film is posted on GoogleVideo.
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2 Responses to “Asbestos and Cancer 1978”

  • Doomsday2060:

    My great uncle worked in an asbestos factory in the 50s. He says the only reason why he is still alive is because he chain smoked a million fags and those filtered out the fibers…

    He is just lucky then….