Asbestos in old apartment?

Question by donna p.: Asbestos in old apartment?
When I rented an apartment recently, the landlord made me sign a doc that said, “The apartment may contain asbestos.”

If there IS asbestos in the unit, how much danger are we in? She said she has painted the walls several times over the years.

I don’t want lung cancer 5 years from now!!
Oh, she said it may also be on the ceiling.
I’d say it was built before the 1970s.

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Answer by heart_and_troll
Approx none, unless she also hired you to remove the asbestos / demo the ceiling, etc.

Depending on your state, her doc. and not removing it may or may not be adequate.

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  • hollywoodmelody:

    Your apt would only have asbestos in the ceiling if it was built before 1976. It would also have lead based paint as well. So you need to find out how old the building is and if you want to know more about the building do down to dept of building codes and they will be able to tell you for sure.

  • Ze:

    Asbestos is only dangerous in its powder form. As long as you don’t put any holes in the walls you should be fine. They use to coat steel with Asbestos in the old days becuase it doesn’t burn … its a good fire retardant.
    Don’t go into the walls, if anyone needs to warn them they have asbestos in them, if there is a hole in the wall. Leave! That suff gets into your lungs & 40 years later you’re dying from Emphasemia.

  • newmexicorealestateforms:

    Yuck, lots of information you need to find out about here are the links you need to do so.
    EPA’s web site on ASBESTOS
    If the apartments were built in 1978 or prior years you should have also received a federal mandated disclosure here is the link where you need to go
    EPA’s Required Lead Disclosure from Sellers and brokers (includes the required pamphlet):

    Do check into it asbestos is extremely dangerous.
    Good luck on your research

  • Tom:

    Almost every older building was made containing at least some asbestos. Most asbestos is locked in place. The term used is non-friable. This is harmless in this condition but does not always stay that way. Weathering of asbestos siding and shingles can release fibers is among the ways this can happen. Normal abrasive wear of floor coverings containing asbestos is another way.

    Friable asbestos is material that may become air-borne and represents a danger. The most common examples of this are asbestos pipe wrapping that gets wet and crumbles or deterioration of asbestos cement on heat ducts.

    I would ask in writing if an asbestos evaluation of the building has been done and, if so, what the results were. That is almost a given with the transfer of any commercial property now, but may not have been done if the owner has stayed the same for the last 20 years.

  • Chris:

    The only time asbestos is a danger is when it’s breaking down. If everything is in good shape and not deteriorating, you will be just fine (as long as you don’t eat the insulation).

    If you are still worried, you might call the city. Our house was built in 1902 and renovated in 1973 so when we were buying it the city sent out a inspector to check the condition of any asbestos in the building. They didn’t charge us, but we are in a historical neighborhood and I don’t know if it had something to do with that.

  • Cindy M:

    Tell your landlord that you want to paint, then paint everything to encapsulate it, because of the asbestos, and tell your landlord you want them to buy the paint. A lot of communities have a paint program, where you can get free paint for home improvement – you may have to have written permission from your landlord since you are not the property owner, and your landlord should seriously consider thinking about this if you get a hard time from them because they housing market is really saturated and there should be ample apartments available – as the saying goes “a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.” If the landlord doesn’t want to pay for the paint ask to have it knocked off a month of rent, for labor and supplies. Really, they should go for it. I know I would. Make sure you wear a breathing apparatus, because asbestosis is nothing to play around with.