Asbestos lung mesothelioma – How to find a cure for lung cancer

Asbestos lung mesothelioma – How to find a cure for lung cancer

Why all so hung up on the concept of healing? “You can almost see them visibly wince when the word cure is not even mentioned. Where is the problem? If you can find a substance that when used to treat cancer, lungs, take your lungs completely removed, this is not a cure? Your lung cancer has been cured really? If it works in your body, and now not part of your body … is not that what healing means?

Of course, it is conventional medicine and allMainstream, that things are so paranoid to heal the use of the word. This is because not able to offer treatments that are just this treatment. They are not suitable or intended to cure anything. Look at this way. The pharmaceutical companies control the conventional treatment of cancer. They are also great companies with shareholders. And as such, are legally obliged to do everything possible to provide added value for its shareholders in the form of higher profits. Well, if the treatment actually cured theYour lung cancer and other cancer … as they would be able to stay in business? The answer is they would not. You might get your attention and you would never hear from you.

Would not it be better to treat only their bottom line “of cancer? Would not it be better to simply hold off for years and years and years? Let’s face if you get really interested in surgery and to find cures for lung cancer , chemotherapy and irradiation is not agoing to cut it. This means that for lung cancer there is no cure? No, it means that there is no money for alternatives.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of non-toxic, gentle therapies for lung cancer to take that fact away forever. This is your body in balance of cancer survival is unable to recover. When you think of lung disease as a symptom of more than one


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