Asbestos lung mesothelioma – If asbestos tiles are a real problem

Asbestos lung mesothelioma – If asbestos tiles are a real problem

There is something to say asbestos products.’m Cheap, very resistant to heat and fire resistant and extremely robust, yet flexible enough to be installed in the most difficult. It is therefore not surprising that the asbestos tile was very popular until 1980. And as a matter of fact, recent studies suggest that most of the floor tiles at that time consisted of two main components, vinyl andAsbestos>.

But as we all know, there are unfortunately also the other side of the story. As long as asbestos tiles remain intact and remain intact, there apparently, and according to many experts, there is no need to worry about being. Scratches or cracks to create, however little, just a threat to anyone either on site or nearby, to develop serious health problems, including mesothelioma, asbestosis and certain forms of lung cancer.

Primarily forFor financial reasons, many homeowners who before this kind of problem of deciding exactly tile floors add a new layer of asbestos other than on the floor. This approach is debatable, though, as he can not completely solve the problem of even microscopic size of dust and toxic particles find their way out, take the air and potentially inhaled by homeowners.

Certainly the best, most expensive, is to remove the asbestos tiles damagedcompletely. But this is an easy task. Typically, vinyl asbestos tiles were glued to the floor and all this is to have suitable equipment to remove them. This is the reason why the task is encouraged to take six professional company for asbestos removal. I do not recommend adding that “it-yourself do-list, the risk of serious damage to your Health is simply too high


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