Asbestos lung mesothelioma – The risk of lung cancer spread to the brain

Asbestos lung mesothelioma – The risk of lung cancer spread to the brain

brain metastasis refers to when a cancer in the body extended to the brain from another location in the majority rule, lung or breast. May be one or more brain metastases, and cancer can go to different areas of the brain.

The primary lung cancers account for 50% of all metastatic brain tumors. Lung cancer is the most common source of metastases. Among patients with lung cancer who survive for more than 2 years, 80%Brain metastases received.

The average time between diagnosis of primary lung cancer and brain metastases is four months. Charming, small cell carcinoma, the lungs are only 20% of all cancers, accounting for 50% of metastatic brain cancer. In a retrospective study to 6.8% of first recurrence of cancer was in the brain.

Metastatic disease from breast, kidney cells of the thyroid, colon and are usually more than a single metastatic lesion,while metastatic disease from lung cancer and melanoma are found to be generally very, multiple lesions. Testicular cancer is a rare tumor and yet it is increasingly common in brain metastases compared with lung cancer.

Lung cancer can also pass through the bloodstream to other parts of the body, most typically in the liver, adrenal glands, brain, spinal cord or bones. The spread of lung cancer may occur early in the disease course, with all previoussmall cell lung cancer. symptoms, including headaches, seizures, confusion, bone pain, and can obviously grow a lung problems first, making early diagnosis difficult.


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