Electricians – Mesothelioma and Asbestos Exposure Risks

Mesothelioma, the rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure, is a great concern for electricians, since many electrical components are made from asbestos-containing materials.

Occupational Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma www.mesorc.com Due to low levels ever-present in the air, water, and soil, almost everyone has had some level of exposure to asbestos during their lifetime – though it typically requires long-term exposure to cause harmful health risks like Mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive cancer caused by asbestos fibers. Asbestos, because of its resistance to heat, electrical and chemical damage, sound absorption and tensile strength, became common in numerous manufactured products and building materials. Unfortunately, this has affected a number of industries which show a high risk for mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other cancers including lung, esophageal, gastrointestinal, laryngeal, and pharyngeal. Industries that have been affected by asbestos exposures include: Construction Aerospace Automotive Shipping and Shipbuilding Railroad Metal Craftsmanship Manufacturing Others: Firefighters, miners, custodians, and hairdressers Family members of people who work in high-risk asbestos environments have been shown to have an increased risk for developing asbestos-related illnesses – in small part due to the worker bringing home the asbestos fibers on their clothes, skin, and hair, releasing them into the home environment. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and believe you were exposed to asbestos at work, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To learn more about your legal options, please contact us for a free, no

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