Family Support Info for Lung Cancer

Family Support Info for Lung Cancer

If you have just been diagnosed with lung cancer;support in dealing with this disease and the overwhelming feelings of panic is something that must be dealt with immediately.  You must know that there are other people like you out there with the same exact condition. By talking with these people and discussing how you feel, it can make the process of healing much easier. From a healing standpoint, you will begin to feel better when your overall attitude improves. Thinking positively and keeping a good outlook on things can actually help to improve your physical condition, even if only by a little. There are many different sources where you can get the help and support you and your family need to conquer this disease.

The internet would be the most likely place that patients and family members go to find information. There are literally thousands if not millions of people out there who are on online forums and other websites. Every venue or cancer and cancer treatment you can imagine. Thousands of “for profit” legal firms and medical centers appearing to be a support agency to encourage you to visit their websites. Be careful. These aren’t support groups and agencies. A support group has a common interest in your problem and can provide you with additional help and assistance. 

Since lung cancer has become such a common condition, and asbestos caused lung cancer actually on the rise, you will find that there are millions of people ready to share their own stories and help you with the process of healing, whatever that entails. A lot of people who have just been diagnosed with this kind of cancer have lots of questions about survival rates and treatment options that are non-traditional or more natural. Since your doctor may not have a lot of information on these topics, one of the best things you can do is to find and information guide, manual, or agency to help you do the research yourself. Find the right cancer attorney, doctors and medical centers with experience in asbestos cancer treatments. Try not to be paralyzed by the tons of information on the internet.

You may also be able to find groups that meet in your area, specifically for people who have lung cancer. If you cannot find a lung cancer group, then perhaps you will be able to join a general cancer group that meets monthly or bi-monthly. This too is a great way to share your feelings and get the support you need through this very tough time in your life. You will hear stories from all sorts of people who have this condition, whom are trying to get through it just like you are right now; what they are doing, help they have found, etc.

Getting support also comes in the form of letting your family and friends know what is going on in your life from week to week. Make sure that you keep them close, so they will be there to take care of you and provide any kind of help or support that you may need. Doctors often underplay the significance of emotional support from the people that are closest to the person who has cancer. The more support you get, the better your chances will be of fighting the cancer and getting on with your life. Joining one of these internet forums, finding some form of condensed resource guide to direct you, or attending a lung cancer meeting can really open your eyes and give you the opportunity to meet new people and make lifelong connections.

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Adam Bradley is a book publisher. While doing research on asbestos;; he was shocked by the amount of poor information. His research team compiled a directory of agencies, medical centers and groups that provide real help to the victims and families. He offers a free 15 part Mini-Course to help as many as possible:

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