Important Tips on How You Can Participate in a Mesothelioma Clinical Trial

Important Tips on How You Can Participate in a Mesothelioma Clinical Trial

A clinical trial is a process that all new treatment options and medications go through before they are accepted and registered for general usage. These trials often offer a last hope for cure for many terminal and difficult diseases. Most drugs that have become standard therapies for many illnesses today have all undergone an extensive period of testing with clinical trials.

There are three stages of clinical trials. Phase I trials enroll a limited number of people. They normally center on the correct dosage and relative safety of a particular drug. Phase II trials enroll more people and are used to determine if the new drug actually works against a particular illness. Phase III trials are the final phase before a drug is approved for treating a disease. During Phase III, the new drug is compared against the existing treatment. The goal during Phase III is to prove the new drug is a more effective treatment.

To find about clinical trials you can participate in you can check on the internet for resources that list ongoing clinical trials for mesothelioma, which include the qualifications for each.

You can also consult your mesothelioma doctor for information on available clinical trials. Doctors have access to all upcoming and current clinical trials, and can also help determine if a patient qualifies for a particular trial.

You can also contact the large regional cancer centers in their area, which will have access to information on clinical trials being coordinated from their hospitals

You have to consider a lot of factors if you want to take part in a clinical trial. Clinical trials typically occur in large metropolitan hospitals and it is important to know how often participants will need to see the physicians coordinating the trials and how long each visit will take, these visits will translate into a lot of hotel and travel expenses.

Not everyone qualifies for a clinical trial, different trials use different criteria for selecting eligible participants. Some clinical trials want participants that that have undergone an unsuccessful traditional treatment, while other clinical trials want patients who have not been treated at all.

Another factor that you have to consider about clinical trial is that you will have no control over the kind of treatment you will receive. In randomized clinical trials, patients receive the traditional treatment while others receive the experimental treatment. You do not get to choose which treatment you receive, nor will you know what treatment is being administered. There is no guarantee that a participant will receive the experimental treatment.

Despite apparent risks, the benefits of clinical trials are numerous. Without clinical trials it would be nearly impossible to judge the effectiveness of new drugs. The health care that participants receive during a clinical trial is fantastic. Careful records must be kept and extensive testing must be done to gauge the effectiveness and safety of a new therapy.

Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of asbestos cancer with an extremely low survival rate and clinical trials are one of the best ways to find a cure. The patients currently involved in mesothelioma clinical trials will hopefully pave the way for a more effective treatment. You must consult with your doctor about the various available clinical trials once you are diagnosed with mesothelioma.

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