Is Chemotherapy a perfect treatment for mesothelioma

Is Chemotherapy a perfect treatment for mesothelioma

Though everyday there are more and more people who are being diagnosed with the fatal mesothelioma cancer, the disease is yet to be discovered completely as it still remains relatively uncommon. In fact it is so new that most medical centers have very little or absolutely no experience treating mesothelioma. However there are mesothelioma medical centers that happen to specialize in the treatment of mesothelioma but they only depend on the limited strategies that have been designed to treat this deadly disease till date, as there is no specific cure or any universally acknowledged course of therapy that can be adopted for prognosis of mesothelioma. Chemotherapy though it is not the cure for mesothelioma, is frequently used in combination with other kinds of therapies for the treatment of mesothelioma.

Chemotherapy is a kind of cancer treatment that uses a variety of drugs to destroy the growth of cancer cells. However the problem is that, chemotherapy runs the risk of also killing along with the cancer cells, a number of healthy cells, including those that help hair to grow, which is why patients begin to lose hair when they start undergoing chemotherapy. Side effects such as hair loss would automatically disappear once the course of chemotherapy is complete.

With some types of mesothelioma cancer, all you need is to undergo chemotherapy and that should suffice to cure the disease. Thus in some rare cases, chemotherapy does help to kill the cancer cells one contracts while suffering from mesothelioma permanently. In other and more common cases where chemotherapy does not help with curing the disease, it aids to control the growth of the cancer cells and ease the symptoms.

There are various types of chemotherapy that a doctor will recommend on the diagnosis of mesothelioma, depending on its stage and state of the patient. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is used to help shrink a tumour before a surgery takes place, adjuvant chemotherapy is used post a surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells, systematic chemotherapy uses anti cancer drugs to destroy malignant cells throughout the body and not only a specific area – in this case the drug enters the blood stream and circulates throughout the system after being administered orally or with the help of an injection. Intraperitoneal chemotherapy directly injects anti cancer drugs into the stomach with the help of a thin tube while intracavity chemotherapy enables the direct injecting of anti cancer drugs into the chest where they can be monitored without causing the toxic effects they would have caused if passed throughout he whole blood stream.

If you feel the need to check for mesothelioma cancer because you think there are chances you might have gotten the malignance, find a medical center immediately that specializes in the treatment of mesothelioma. Prognosis obviously varies from person to person but an experienced and well equipped team of cancer specialists will help devise the best plan for you. So do not fear and ensure you get an early diagnosis so just in case you are a victim to this deadly malignance, early diagnosis followed by a quick prognosis will bring you back to your best health at its earliest.

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