Mesothelioma and Surgical Tumors Explored

Mesothelioma and Surgical Tumors Explored

An interesting study is called, “Ultrastructural comparison of an adenomatoid tumor, lymphangioma, hemangioma, and Mesothelioma” by Joseph B. Marcus MD,†, Joseph A. Lynn MD, – Cancer Volume 25, Issue 1, pages 171–175, January 1970.  Here is an exerpt: “Abstract – An electron microscopic study was made comparing an adenomatoid tumor with a hemangioma, lymphangioma, and 2 mesotheliomas in an attempt to elucidate the cell of origin of the adenomatoid tumor. Using ultrastructural criteria, one could say that neither the hemangioma or lymphangioma were structurally related to the adenomatoid tumor. It was not possible to morphologically distinguish between the cells of the mesothelioma and that of the adenomatoid tumor.”

Another interesting study is called, “Phase II trial of high-dose cisplatin in patients with malignant mesothelioma.” By Mintzer DM, Kelsen D, Frimmer D, Heelan R, Gralla R. –
Cancer Treat Rep. 1985 Jun;69(6):711-2.  Here is an excerpt: “Abstract – Twenty-five patients with advanced malignant mesothelioma were treated in a phase II trial with high-dose cisplatin (DDP). All patients had measurable or evaluable disease. Seven patients had received prior chemotherapy. DDP (120 mg/m2) with mannitol and prehydration was given every 4 weeks for two doses and then every 6 weeks. Of 24 patients evaluable for response, three had partial responses (3, 3+, and 9 months; response rate, 13%; 95% confidence limits, 4%-31%) and one had minor response. All responses occurred in previously untreated patients. High-dose DDP has modest activity in malignant mesothelioma.”

To determine whether mesothelin can assist in discriminating epithelioid mesotheliomas from lung adenocarcinomas or from other carcinomas metastatic to the serosal membranes, 55 mesotheliomas (44 epithelioid, 3 biphasic, and 8 sarcomatoid), 48 carcinomas of the lung (31 adenocarcinomas, 17 squamous carcinomas), and 86 nonpulmonary adenocarcinomas (14 ovary, 5 peritoneum, 9 endometrium, 11 pancreas, 4 stomach, 16 colon, 12 breast, 9 kidney, 4 thyroid, and 2 prostate) were investigated for mesothelin expression using the recently available 5B2 anti-mesothelin monoclonal antibody.

Another interesting study is called, “Efficacy of cisplatin-based intraperitoneal chemotherapy as treatment of malignant peritoneal Mesothelioma” by Maurie Markman and David Kelsen – Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology – Volume 118, Number 7, 547-550.  Here is an excerpt: “Abstract – In an effort to examine the potential clinical utility of intraperitoneal (i.p.) therapy in the management of patients with malignant peritoneal mesothelioma, 19 individuals with this disease were treated with a cisplatinbased i.p. treatment regimen. All but 1 patient also received i.p. mitomycin. The treatment was generally well tolerated, although a maximum of only four or five courses of cisplatin (100 mg/m2 every 28 days) and mitomycin (5–10 mg/treatment given 7 days after each i.p. cisplatin administration) could be administered, the treatment principally being stopped because of disease progression or catheter failure. Of 15 patients with malignant ascites, 7 (47%) experienced control of fluid reaccumulation ranging from 2 months to 73+ months (median 8 months). While the median survival for the 19 patients was only 9 months, 4 (21%) patients survived for more than 3 years from the initiation of therapy, and 2 patients are currently alive and clinically disease-free more than 5 years from the start of the i.p. treatment program. We conclude that a subset of patients with peritoneal mesothelioma, principally those with small-volume residual disease following surgical tumor debulking, can benefit from a cisplatin-based i.p. treatment strategy with control of ascites and prolonged disease-free survival.”

We all owe a debt of gratitude to these fine researchers.  If you found any of these excerpts interesting, please read the studies in their entirety.

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