Mesothelioma Cure-Emerging and Upcoming Trends

Mesothelioma Cure-Emerging and Upcoming Trends

Cancer Specialists and other doctors are working each day towards finding a cure for malignant mesothelioma.

For now although there is no real cure, there are several mesothelioma treatment programs as well as clinical trials that are working towards discovering the way to completely eliminate this deadly cancer. Treatment is based on the same principle of treatment for other lung related cancers.

Theoretically curative treatments aim at removing completely the cancer from the body. These forms of “curative treatments” do not rule out the re occurrence of the disease. There are however reported cases of usage of current treatment initiatives which prevent the re occurrence of the disease for several years.

A well known example is that of Paul Krauss who was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 1997 and is still alive today despite been given only a few months to live. Paul Krauss has dedicated himself towards spreading awareness of the disease and working with others to develop treatment programs that would be as successful as his.

Combination treatments, which integrate two or more different treatment options, such as surgery coupled with radiation, or surgery paired with radiation and chemotherapy have been successful in extending life expectancies. Researchers believe that when the right combination of therapies is found, prognoses will be far longer than anyone could have imagined when the disease first manifested.

Technology has also afforded new possibilities to mesothelioma patients. CT (Computer Topography) scans have been able to map three-dimensional images of the body’s internal organs for targeted chemotherapy or radiation therapy to be administered. Another new technique that is now been used is the use of heated chemotherapy agents which are injected directly into the affected area during surgery{to remove the tumor}.This destroys any remaining cancer cells in that area. This method allows for delivery of optimal doses of the chemotherapy agents and it has been found to extend prognosis well beyond normally expected time frames. This method of direct delivery also reduces the often very serious side effects of chemotherapy agents.

It is by the use of technology and advancements such as these that cancer specialists and doctors are laying the groundwork for a cure.

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