Mesothelioma Latest: New Mesothelioma Treatment Discovered In Australia

Mesothelioma Latest: New Mesothelioma Treatment Discovered In Australia

Nothing can be better than this! Yes I mean it. Can you believe a new mesothelioma treatment has been discovered in Australia? The effectiveness of this treatment is definitely a ray of hope for the several people who are waiting for a miracle to happen.

What is the new mesothelioma treatment?

It is Dr. Malcom Feigen from the Austin Health Centre, Victoria, Australia who is behind this discovery. It has been seven long years of effort that has made is possible. A Radiation Oncologist by profession he has been into the research for mesothelioma treatment methods. The treatment is about providing a high dosage of radiation in treating mesothelioma, which has shown impressive results that include increased years of life without mesothelioma attack and lower chances of getting it back.

In his research Dr. Malcom tested his research on 13 patients who had already undergone chemotherapy or surgery. Those who had undergone only radiotherapy showed recovery, but with greater chances of the disease repeating. The outcome of the research is that only a combination of treatments proved effective, than any one. This combination effect included a high dosage of radiotherapy regiment. The best about the introduction of high dosage radiotherapy is that the patients who had undergone the treatment where benefitted with lower side effects and long lasting benefits.

The real benefit of new radiotherapy treatment is that it keeps cancerous tumors suppressed. The conclusion is that those who had been treated with high dosage of radiotherapy, found additional benefits from the other treatments they had undergone. This important finding of combination treatments, was effective in not only making a person live atleast two years longer but has also increased the chances of new discoveries happening in the medical parlance of the disease, that will completely cure the disease. Radiation has an important role to play in treating mesothelioma cancer and benefits are far reaching and long lasting.

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