Mesothelioma Risk For Military Veterans

Mesothelioma Risk For Military Veterans

The correlation between asbestos exposure and the brutal cancer known as Mesothelioma is usually restricted to the civilian world. In truth, the Mesothelioma risk for military veterans is often high given the widespread use of asbestos by the four branches of the military.

Asbestos if a fibrous form of a few minerals that has one tremendous attribute. It is extremely fire resistant, which makes it a great material to use whenever heat or fire is a concern. This also makes it particularly useful for military purposes where risks like fire on a ship at sea needed to be minimized. While the material was widely used by all the branches of the military, the Navy made particularly heavy use of asbestos.

Ask any sailor, civilian or military, what their biggest fear is at sea. The answer is always the same – fire. A fire spreading on a ship can be absolutely catastrophic, which is somewhat ironic considering the fact the ship is floating on water. Regardless, creating fire breaks and insulating sensitive areas was a major issue with shipbuilders and on Navy ships.

The Navy used asbestos extensively, but there was one area of the ship that had huge asbestos concentrations. Where would heat be the biggest issue? Yes, the engine room. Pipes and boilers where insulated with the material. Gaskets for certain connections that where heat sensitive were not insulated with asbestos. Instead, the gaskets were actually made from the stuff. All and all, that accounted for a lot of asbestos in a relatively small, confined area.

A Mesothelioma diagnoses for a military member is doubly difficult. The cancer is very difficult to deal with and often terminal. Making matters worse, members of the military are barred from seeking compensation from the federal government for the exposure to the toxic asbestos materials. Instead, treatment and disability claims need to be pursued with the VA and other agencies. Direct lawsuits against the manufacturers of the original asbestos products are also something to be discussed with a qualified attorney.

The dangers of asbestos cannot be categorized between civilians and members of the military. Mesothelioma is popping up in both groups of people…sadly so.

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