Mesothelioma Stages

Mesothelioma Stages Staging is the process of finding out how far the mesothelioma cancer has spread. Doctors determine which treatments to use based on the mesothelioma stage, or the severity of the disease. The primary staging system used for mesothelioma is a TNM system, similar to the system used for most other cancers. The mesothelioma stages are as follows: T stands for tumor (its size and how far it has spread to nearby organs), N stands for spread to lymph nodes, and M is for metastasis (whether it has spread to distant organs). In mesothelioma staging, numbers are assigned to each stage to provide detailed information about tumors, lymph nodes, and metastasis. T Mesothelioma Stages T1: The cancer has only spread to the outer lining of either the right or the left lung. T2: The cancer has spread to the outer lining of the lung, to the diaphragm, and or into the lung itself on either the right or the left side. T3: The cancer has spread into the first layer of the chest wall, the fatty part of the mediastinum (heart, esophagus, trachea, and lymph nodes in the chest), a single place in the chest wall, or the outer covering of the heart. T4: The cancer has spread into the chest wall-either muscle or ribs, through the diaphragm, into any organ of the mediastinum, into the spine, into both sides of the chest, through the heart lining or into the heart, or into the nerves leading into the arm. N Mesothelioma Stages N0: No spread to lymph nodes. N1: Spread
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