Mesothelioma Symptoms: An Introduction

Mesothelioma Symptoms: An Introduction

Mesothelioma is a deadly and rare form of cancer that has developed from exposure to asbestos. The inhaling of the highly toxic asbestos is the major cause of mesothelioma. The ingested particles of asbestos develop the cancerous or malignant cells in the mesothelium. Mesothelium is the cell structure that covers and surrounds various internal organs.

Mesothelioma is classified into three forms: Pleural Mesothelioma, Peritoneal Mesothelioma, and Pericardial Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma starts in tiny lumps in the membrane of pleura.

Abdominal pain, loss of weight and swelling in the abdominal region due to a buildup of fluid are the symptoms in peritoneal mesothelioma.

However, you should know that the most common diseases associated with asbestos start in a person’s lungs. Because of this, there are certain asbestos symptoms you can look for in a person to see if he or she is suffering from an asbestos lung disease.

Shortness of breath – Are you frequently running out of breath? Can’t you even go up one flight of stairs without panting or wheezing? Shortness of breath is frequently a symptom of asbestos illnesses.

Because of this, you need to take breaths more frequently. Let’s say that today you can’t manage to walk for 10 feet without getting shortness of breath. The next day, you won’t even be able to accomplish 5 without stopping.

Coughing – Another common asbestos symptom would be coughing. This symptom is triggered by the fact that the small asbestos fibers which accumulate in your lungs do irritate the organ tissue. You cough as a reflex action to try and clear your lungs of the asbestos fibers, but it is no use, and you just keep coughing and coughing without actually relieving the irritation.

An asbestos symptom that could come with coughing would be coughing up blood. This actually happens when the asbestos fibers themselves get moved around and cut into the lungs. When you cough up blood, things are very serious and it is important to find a doctor immediately.

Although asbestos fibers do cause a lot of damage to the lungs, sometimes, the lungs cause the damage to themselves. However, with asbestos fivers, this has a different effect altogether. With asbestos fibers, the involuntary action of the lungs just causes the tissue to become even more irritated and could sometimes lead to wounding. Since the lungs become even more irritated, this triggers another round of reflexive actions and the cycle goes on and on.

Increased sputum – If you are experiencing an increase in the amount of your sputum, then you have to realize that this asbestos symptom too is caused by your body’s efforts to alleviate its discomfort. By increasing the production of sputum, your lungs hope to wash away whatever the irritant is.

This is because sudden weight loss often indicates that the disease may have already spread out to other parts of the body.

These are just some of the symptoms you should keep an eye out for if ever you have been exposed to asbestos in the past. Remember, however, that some asbestos symptoms only appear when the disease is in its advanced stages so just to be sure, try to get a regular check up.

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