Mesothelioma Symptoms and Diagnosis Mesothelioma is an incurable asbestos cancer. This short film was produced to raise awareness of the issues around mesothelioma. It includes interviews with people who have the disease. It was produced for Action Mesothelioma day on belhalf of Forum of Asbestos Victim Support Groups. For more information visit http
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Asbestos Attorney David Chervenick discusses Goldberg, Persky, & White’s experience in Asbestos exposure lawsuits. Used as an insulator and to add strength, asbestos causes lung cancer and mesothelioma. What kind of work did people do who now have cancer caused be asbestos exposure? Can you help people who now have cancer but don’t know whether they were exposed to asbestos? How do you know what asbestos products people were exposed to years ago? Questions? Ask our asbestos lawyers for more information. http

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