Mine demolition in Uranium City leads city members to worry asbestos exposure

Mine demolition in Uranium City leads city members to worry asbestos exposure

URANIUM City, Saskatchewan – the Saskatchewan Research Council is altering a cleanup approach for a uranium mine soon after considerations among neighborhood citizens.

The method was to melt away down properties that have been shut lower at a Gunnar Mine site in the vicinity of Uranium Metropolis but residents are concerned that this will release asbestos into the environment.

Asbestos is a mineral that has been utilized in construction due to its thermal insulating properties, power and durability but when it was discovered that asbestos can lead to numerous health problems, which includes mesothelioma cancer, many nations all through the world have stopped employing it.

Old architectural structures that may perhaps have asbestos current do not usually pose a problem but when asbestos is disturbed, this kind of as throughout a demolition, the fibers of the mineral can turn out to be airborne and breathed in by all those around it.

The demolition of the site is nonetheless scheduled to go as planned. The rubble will be fenced off and coated until eventually town officials dispose of it accordingly.

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