New Mesothelioma Treatment – The Last Hope for Mesothelioma Patients

New Mesothelioma Treatment – The Last Hope for Mesothelioma Patients

New mesothelioma treatment is being popular as the number of mesothelioma patients is increasing tremendously. New mesothelioma treatment is important for both the patients and the doctors. If you have been suffering from mesothelioma disease for a long time and not getting any positive results that you are expecting then you should go for the new mesothelioma treatment methods.

There are lots of methods involved with the new mesothelioma treatment including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy etc. Doctors often use these conventional methods of treatment to provide fastest and most accurate treatment for mesothelioma. Before taking any of these options you should consult with the doctor as they are very much aware of this dangerous disease than you. Doctors will decide what treatment you should take. Experienced doctors or surgeons into this new mesothelioma treatment add the chemotherapy before surgery and radiation usually reduce the possibility of the cancer spreading to another area away from the original site.

Types of new mesothelioma treatment:

There are some good mesothelioma treatment methods are available nowadays.

Immunotherapy is one of such new mesothelioma treatments that is being tested properly. Immunotherapy uses the patients own immune system to fight the mesothelioma, which consists of using substances found in the immune system to counteract the growth of the tumor.

Heat Therapy
Heat Therapy is another type of new mesothelioma treatment. Heat therapy works in the way that it heats the chemotherapy agents before they are injected. When these chemicals are heated before injection it seems to kill more of the tumor cells. This new mesothelioma treatment is also known as chemo hyperthermia and has shown good results in those with malignant mesothelioma.

Gene Therapy
The third type of new mesothelioma treatment is Gene therapy. Gene therapy involves manipulating the genes involved in the tumor into a virus, such as the common cold, and then using antiviral drugs or your own immune system to destroy the cells. The improvement of this mesothelioma treatment is still being conducted.

Photodynamic Therapy
Photodynamic Therapy is one of the most important new mesothelioma treatment methods. It consists of injecting light sensitive molecules in the pleural space before surgery. When the surgery is done light is put directly on the molecules, thus killing the tumor cells.

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