New Research Gives Hope to Asbestos Disease Sufferers

New Research Gives Hope to Asbestos Disease Sufferers

New medical research, which has isolated a gene that appears to protect against lung cancer, has been welcomed by Asbestos campaigners as a potentially massive breakthrough.

Mesothelioma, which is caused by ingesting asbestos dust, has resulted in the deaths of many former manual workers in the UK. Around 2000 people every year are diagnosed with the disease, resulting in a great cost to the NHS and terrible suffering for patients, who have to undergo chemotherapy and other cancer battling medical procedures.

Breakthrough offers hope

The new research, by scientists at the University of Nottingham, has revealed a possibility for treating not just mesothelioma but other forms of cancer as well. The scientists discovered that lung cancer samples they analysed were missing a gene called LIMD1, which they believe acts as a tumour depressant in the body.

Ed Yong from Cancer Research UK commented that: “This study fills in another piece of the lung cancer puzzle.

Anne Craig, whose husband David died of the disease said that she hoped for a cure for the illness.

“This breakthrough could have very significant implications for research into mesothelioma. Researchers discovered that people without this particular gene were more likely to die from lung cancer, but seemed to be protected if they had it.

Personal injury claims

Mesothelioma is one of the major causes of personal injury claims related to work in the UK and many thousands of families have won compensation from their loved-ones former employers. A recent ruling in the high-court found that relatives were also able to claim compensation from insurers even if the company that was responsible for the disease had gone out of business.

As well as the workers themselves, relatives of workers have also been affected by the disease. In a recent case, a pensioner has been awarded a £250,000 payout after his wife was exposed to asbestos while washing his clothes.

“I’m angry with the company and myself, and feel guilty because Patricia caught the disease from my clothes. The money won’t bring Patricia back, but it will at least ensure Joanna’s care for the future,” said Mr.

Unfortunately, mesothelioma is an aggressive and usually fatal type of cancer that results from asbestos exposure. This disease occurs when microscopic asbestos fibers are inhaled and get lodged into the linings of the lungs.

What are the chances for mesothelioma survival once a victim gets diagnosed? Sadly, not many victims of mesothelioma survive more than five years after the diagnosis has been made. Mesothelioma survival chances are increased if the disease is caught early. However, this kind of cancer is difficult to detect in its early stages. Once it is detected and diagnosed, it is oftentimes in its advanced stage and too late for a definitive cure.

These include:

Mesothelioma cancer can come as epithelial, which has better prognosis, sarcomatoid, biphasic or desmoplastic.

* The size and location of the tumor (whether the tumor is operable or not.)

Mesothelioma is a serious condition which demands immediate medical attention. Although there is no proven cure for mesothelioma, various treatment options are available to prevent the disease from spreading and also to reduce pain and suffering for the victim.

Today, many experimental treatments are being evaluated throughout the world in controlled clinical trials. These include Photodynamic Therapy, Immunotherapy, Heat Therapy and Gene Therapy.

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