Q&A: Asbestos in an old apartment….?

Question by donna p.: Asbestos in an old apartment….?
When I went to rent an apartment recently, the landlord made me sign a doc that said “The apartment may or may not contain asbestos.”

If there IS asbestos in the unit, how much danger are we in?

I don’t want lung cancer 5 years from now!!

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Answer by tammy g
chances are it has abestos,i would def talk to him about it ,and if your still unsure dont rent it…(im a painter)

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  • Joanne A. W:

    DO NOT CHANCE IT! No matter how much you want to live there. There are other places to live. But if they are in the same neighborhood and the same age, I’m sure they have asbestos too.

  • Rayne:

    Asbestos was a common building material at one point in time for you will find many buildings have asbestos either in the walls or as part of what the flooring is made from. Most older buildings have lead based paint, too. I think a standard disclaimer is to cover the landlords a**. Asbestos occurs naturally in the environment and there has been some recent research that it may not be as dangerous as previously thought.

    Check out some more info on asbestos here: