Small Cell Lung Cancer Stages

Small Cell Lung Cancer Stages

There is even a dedicated US government web-page for this alone, as well as other websites which list current trails and give other relevant information.

Small Cell Lung Cancer Stages

There are always new drugs and procedures being tested for mesothelioma, so clinical trails are usually available at a variety of medical centers. Any trail can carry potential risks as well as the potential benefits so it is of course vital for anyone suffering from the disease to get the very best possible diagnosis and explanation of all the details of the trial and how it affects their particular condition.

It is often necessary to travel to where the particular trial is taking place. Travel expenses associated with the disease is one of the areas which can usually be legally claimed for, along with care given even if not paid for.

Different trials will have different eligibility requirements. For example, some trials will only take a patient who has been unsuccessful with other treatments where as other trials might only take a patient who has had no treatment at all.

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Some trials are randomized which means that some of the patients will receive the new treatment and some will receive the current “standard” treatment, but placebos (pills which contain no active ingredient, in order to eliminate the patients expectations from the results) are rarely used in cancer trials.

Trials often occur in phases. Phase one typically involves only a small number of patients to test how the new drugs or treatments should be administered. Then Phase 2 gives initial data on the results of the trial, including side effects. Then Phase 3 will compare the trial treatment with existing treatments with large numbers of patients involved.

Not all trials are fully covered by all types of medical insurance, so be sure to check how a particular trial will effect you financially.

Mesothelioma clinical trials can be a valuable option for some patients, but be sure to check all the details first.

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