Spodden Valley, asbestos scandal (part 1)

Rochdale, North west England 1982. A scandalous company cover up in a site that processed Canadian chrysotile asbestos from the 1870s thru to the 1990s. Find out more in Part 2 – about what has happened to this site recently. Local Council shenighans in re-zoning the asbestos factory an “Area of 0pportunity” for the principle of an “Urban Village” -hundreds of homes and a kids day care center on the site of the world’s largest asbestos factory? The developers stated “of particular note is the absence of any asbestos contamination”… After seeing the behavior of T&N in 1982, it looks as though the new owners have been operating from T&N’s old PR tactics. Don’t let history repeat itself.
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3 Responses to “Spodden Valley, asbestos scandal (part 1)”

  • kogvos:

    Like a lot of things I don’t think there is a ‘safe’ limit for asbestos dust. I notice that none of the workers are wearing masks.

    In England I believe it’s been known that asbestos was dangerous in the 1930′s. It was suggested that people paint the asbestos cladding around hot water cylinders and steam pipes in ships were painted to hold the fibres together.

  • sexyjw2:

    Thanks for posting this. Very interesting. Am reading Magic Mineral to Killer Dust at the moment. I hadn’t realised that so much proof was being publicised back in 1982.

  • boiledhooker:

    It’s raining asbestos on them