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What are the causes of mesothelioma and the studies being conducted

What are the causes of mesothelioma and the studies being conducted

Mesothelioma is relatively a newer disease and its causes have been under study for several years now. It is estimated however that every five out of six cases of mesothelioma are because of the patient’s unprotected exposure to asbestos. Asbestos was previously excessively used for the purpose of making construction materials, brake pads and plenty of everyday things but now, since other material have been discovered and are relatively less harmful than asbestos, one suffering from mesothelioma can sue the employer for having contracted the disease.

One other cause for mesothelioma other than exposure of the patient to asbestos is the genetic mutation of cells. According to most mesothelioma treatment centers, the causes for mesothelioma can be linked with the genetic mutation that converts healthy cells into cancer cells. These cancer cells multiply faster than normal cells and unfortunately do not degenerate at the same rate as do normal cells. Thus these cancer cells accumulate to form tumours which are capable enough to invade the tissues of the body and spread over wider areas. The collaboration of a number of factors appears to cause this genetic mutation and lead the patient to suffer from cancer mesothelioma. These factors include the environment of the individual who is suffering from mesothelioma, his overall health condition as well as the lifestyle choices he makes such as whether to smoke or whether to not.

Also as we know already, exposure to asbestos initiates this genetic mutation. When the asbestos fibers lodge in the lungs or other internal organs, the process of genetic mutation is initiated. About 2500 to 3500 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer in the United States each year alone and most of these people have exposure to asbestos in their past. However even today the exact causes for mesothelioma is yet to be found and we realize how necessary it is to help fight the devastating state of the disease.

In the United Kingdom, large scale studies and experiments are being conducted to find out the causes of mesothelioma. Hopefully this initiative will help to find a successful solution to the problem of this vague disease. In a study that was conducted on animals, the Simian Virus (SV40) was understood to be the cause of mesothelioma. There were some vaccines during the 1950s and 1960s, especially some polio vaccines that were contaminated with this SV40 virus. However no definitive association between SV40 and mesothelioma has been discovered.

On the other hand, there are a number of cases of mesothelioma in people who underwent tests of X-ray imaging and thorium dioxide being used in the process. This is a reason why these specific X-ray tests have not been in use for many years now because a tentative association had been discovered between cancer and thorium dioxide. If you think that you may be suffering from a symptom that needs to be checked immediately because there are chances you might be the victim of mesothelioma, visit a mesothelioma treatment center as soon as possible for more information.

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