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World Trade Center Asbestos Exposure

World Trade Center Asbestos Exposure

World Trade Center Ruins


After “9.11″ terrorist attack, Christine who lives not far away from the original World Trade Center in New York breaks asthma for more than twice per night, His wife also suffers from intolerable headache, finally they have to move out.


However, every time on his way back to the old home for fetching letters, he will once again break asthma because of breathing in the metal taste trigger. “I have been suffering from asthma for many years, although sometimes it’s serious, but I had never suffered from so much torture. As long as I smell the weird smell floating from the ruins of the World Trade Center, I would have more asthma”.


World Trade Center Asbestos


After “9.11″ some environmental experts remind the residents living nearby the World Trade Center that they should pay attention to the harmful gases from the ruins, but New York government denied the fact that the World Trade Center ruins badly affect the surrounding environment. After hearing the experts’ advice, Christine increasingly suspects his condition is worsened by the ruins of the World Trade Center. So he invites an independent agency to test the dust floating around his old home building. The test results prove the dust out of the corridor contains World Trade Center asbestos exceeding 555 times than normal. The test also tells the asbestos fiber in the air has reached a dangerous level.


World Trade Center Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma

 Plenty of studies on asbestosis approve that individuals who develop the mesothelioma disease after the exposure to asbestos for 40 years or more take account of 90 percent of all cases. There are 75 percent of persons who worked with the toxic mineral for 20-30 years. Those who experienced 10-19 years of exposure take the proportion of 10 to 15 percent. These numbers may also vary based on the level of asbestos individual is exposed to on a daily basis.

Dependent on the Asbestos Exposure

• Individuals with high levels of exposure of a short duration

• Individuals with high levels of exposure of long duration

• Individuals with low levels of exposure of long duration

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