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Non Traditional Therapies For Mesothelioma

Non Traditional Therapies For Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is one of those health related issues where there is still lot of work to be done. No wonder that there are so many therapies which are in the clinical trial phase and there are experiment s going on with them. A lot in the treatment procedure depends on the early diagnosis and imaging of mesothelioma.

If diagnosed at a later stage, there is not much that can be done with the tumor or cancer. Those who work in the construction industries, shipyards, companies that manufacture asbestos products like insulation, and heating industries are more susceptible to inhaling asbestos fibers which could eventually lead to malignant mesothelioma.

Hence doctors aware of the background of a patient are more likely to identify the common symptoms as indications. These include coughing, shortness of breath and palpitations which could be mistaken for respiratory issues. Early diagnosis through MRI scans, computed tomography scans and PET scans could help in staging treatments of the issue by spotting it as early as possible.

The common treatments of mesothelioma include surgical treatments which are palliative to reduce the pain of the symptoms or curative in the early stages when there is a chance. Radiotherapy which uses radiation from radioactive substances to identify the areas affected by the tumor or carcinogenic cells is another form of treatment. It is as affective in eradicating the issue as it is in providing temporary relief to the patient.

Chemotherapy tries to use a combination of drugs to treat the symptoms of the disease more than the disease itself. This can often result in vomiting and nausea along with other side effects for which therapists administer more medications for the side effects.

Amongst the nontraditional therapies being tried out, one of the front runners is the photodynamic therapy for pleural mesothelioma. In this method, photo sensitizer drug is first offered to the patient that makes some of the cells more sensitive to light of specific wavelengths. Through open chest surgery, fiber optic cables are inserted using which specific frequency light is passed to target the tumor cells.

The cells due to the drug produce toxic oxygen molecules that kill the cancer cells. Thus, this treatment affects only the carcinogenic cells that are spreading. The healthy cells remain unaffected. This is a great advantage when we finally get there because traditional chemotherapy treatments affect the healthy cells too.

Another therapy being tried out is the gene therapy. In this case, the tumor is targeted by suicide genes which make them sensitive to a drug which is normally ineffective. When the drug is finally administered, the tumor due to the suicide genes is destroyed by the drug. The interesting thing is that it leaves the healthy cells unaffected unlike what happens in traditional chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy is another method being tried out. This biological therapy uses the immune system of the body to fight the tumor. Known as biological response modifiers, this method is still in its infancy.

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Mesothelioma Traditional Treatment

Mesothelioma Traditional Treatment

Mesothelioma is rare kind of cancer and person dies within year or two after diagnosis. The explore of asbestos would during the work place and military services. It shows symptoms like chest pain,coughing, breathing difficulty which is mis leaded to some common problems and not detected at early stages.

Traditional treatment of mesothelioma
If the mesothelioma is diagnosed at the early stage then doctors prefer to go by the traditional way of treatment of mesothelioma rather than surgery. These include radiation and chemotherapy which are used to kill the cancerous cell responsible for the cancer without harming the patient. The side effect of this therapy is that it kills most of the healthy cells along with the cancerous cell and patient lose their hair, having the feeling of weakness and sickness, problem in eating. Doctored generally go with the chemotherapy to nullify these effects.

The chemotherapy is the treatment which works on the logic of killing the cancerous cells by giving chemical medication. This drug is given on the regular basics may weekly or monthly through blood stream or swallowing the drugs. The patients can stay at the home but may visit the doctor regularly.

Radiation treatment works on killing the cancerous cell with the help of high energy radiation like x-rays and stop them from growing. These are external beam radiation the patients are directed towards directly on the affected parts of the body. This treatment takes 30 days and has to done in same way for some weeks. In the internal radiation therapy doctors put the container of radiative mixture next to affected area either by using surgery or body cavity. Some of them were left in the body and rest are removed. Radiation treatments can be done with the help of radio pharmaceuticals drugs can be given through the ingestion or injected in the body. To find out more information please visit Mesothelioma Blog.

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Traditional Medications Can Help to Relieve Mesothelioma Pain

Traditional Medications Can Help to Relieve Mesothelioma Pain

Mesothelioma victims can experience a substantial amount of pain. However, there are medications that can make them more comfortable.

Experiencing a physical pain in one’s chest or abdomen may be the first sign of mesothelioma. And, if the disease has spread, people may also feel pain in other parts of their body. As the disease spreads and the mesothelioma tumor grows other symptoms may appear.

What is the Cause of Mesothelioma Pain?

One of the most common symptoms of mesothelioma is a buildup of fluids. As a mesothelioma tumor gets larger it produces a fluid in the patient’s abdomen or chest. If the fluid is in a person’s chest it will compress the lung and can cause severe pain.

As the fluid increases it will slowly crush vital organs. When that happens a person usually loses his appetite and often finds it very difficult to sleep.

It can be challenging to completely eliminate the pain but there are a number of proven ways to reduce any discomfort. This should not be shied away from because the sooner pain treatment is initiated the more effective it will be. And when a patient physically feels better their quality of their life will improve.

A number of medications have been prescribed that will help mesothelioma patients deal with their pain. Often the type of drug that is recommended will depend on the severity of the pain.

For Mild to Moderate Mesothelioma Pain

If a mesothelioma patient is experiencing relatively mild to moderate pain then non-opoid drugs are often prescribed to relieve that pain. These include anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen as well as acetaminophen.

Non-opoids may be administered orally, subcutaneously (through injection), intravenously, or rectally. Other therapies may be prescribed along with the non-opoids to help alleviate the pain.

For Moderate to Severe Mesothelioma Pain

Opoids, which are narcotic pain relievers, may be prescribed to reduce moderate to severe pain. This class of drug includes codeine, oxycodone, fenatnyl, and morphine.

These drugs, which could be prescribed at any stage of treatment for the disease, can be combined with other therapies or other drugs if the pain is severe. Mesothelioma patients rarely face the danger of becoming addicted to opoids.

Additional Medications

Depending on what is trying to be accomplished, other drugs may be prescribed. For example, there are a number of medications such as anticonvulsants that can alleviate the tingling and burning pain that mesothelioma patients experience. These pains are a result of nerve damage.

And sometimes, even if a patient isn’t depressed, a doctor will prescribe an antidepressant.

Some drugs can reduce swelling while others can be injected to block a nerve. This will reduce severe pain for several hours. These drugs are used primarily if a patient is experiencing chronic or acute pain.

More radical treatments are also available.

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