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What are the typical injuries and illnesses that are claimed for in workplace accidents and industrial disease claims?

What are the typical injuries and illnesses that are claimed for in workplace accidents and industrial disease claims?

Many personal injury claims arise where individuals have developed an illness or suffered injury as a result of substandard working conditions. According to the Health and Safety Executive, in 2009/10 there were 1.3m people suffering from an illness they believed was caused or worsened by their existing job or past work. During the same period, 26,061 reported injuries to employees were classified as major injuries, particularly falls from heights.

Employers have a legal duty under health and safety legislation to ensure their employees’ health, safety and welfare are protected in the workplace – but industrial disease and injury remains a major issue.

Workplace injuries

Industrial injuries commonly occur on construction sites and in factories but can happen in other workplaces such as restaurants, for example. Common workplace accidents that may give rise to an industrial personal injury claim include:

. Construction or warehouse accidents: these can cause serious injuries to head, back and limbs through a lack of training and or supervision.
. Factory accidents: typical injuries can include trapped fingers or limbs, falls and cuts, burns, and back injuries.
. Heavy machinery/equipment based accidents: a wide range of injuries could occur including cuts and burns, fractures, and serious injuries such as loss of limbs.
. Office accidents: these usually cause relatively minor injuries however back injuries and fractures may easily occur when for instance, carrying heavy files or inadequate office seating.

Essentially the workplace, if not made appropriately safe for employees to work, can be a dangerous place and there is always the possibility that someone will be injured, leading to a personal injury claim against an employer.

Industrial diseases
There are many types of industrial illnesses, the most common including asbestosis and mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos dust and skin diseases and conditions caused by different types of chemical irritants.

Other industrial diseases or conditions that may give rise to a compensation claim include:

. Deafness: a worker may be able to claim for permanent or partial hearing loss caused by exposure to industrial noise during the course of his work. Claims may also be made for cases of tinnitus.
. Musculoskeletal disorders: conditions of joints, muscles and tendons such as arthritis and back pain, vibration white finger and repetitive strain injury. They can develop through working on repetitive production lines that involve repeated rapid movements over a long period of time or may be caused by using machines such as pneumatic drills.
. Lung disease: caused by coal mine dust, and dust factories and foundries. The onset of asthma and bronchitis may also be a cause to consider making a personal injury claim.
. Cancer: caused by exposure to various types of carcinogens such as chemicals and dyes, wood dust and high levels of synthetic chemicals.
. Brain diseases: neurological illnesses may be caused by solvents in the workplace.

If you or a relative have been injured or have developed an illness that may have been caused during the course of employment with an organisation, it is important to take expert legal advice on whether or not you have a valid personal injury claim.

If you have had an accident and it wasn’t your fault then you could be entitled to file accident claims to ensure you get the right compensation for your injuries and suffering. If you have a legitimate accident at work claim then get in touch with the best legal advice available.

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