These are the Most Prevalent Mesothelioma Symptoms

These are the Most Prevalent Mesothelioma Symptoms

Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by asbestos and it affects the lining of the abdomen, the lungs and the heart. When the cancer is malignant, it can be fatal and you are advised to see the doctor immediately you notice the symptoms of this illness. There are very many mesothelioma symptoms and you need to make sure you know them in order to help yourself or someone else. When the condition affects the lungs, the patient will have excess fluid in their lungs and they can have a dry cough and the doctor examination will reveal that the breath sounds are silent while the tapping on the chest will reveal a dull sound. The normal sound is supposed to be hollow.

In the abdomen, patients will experience a mass and discomfort. Pain is usually a major symptom and patients will also experience irritable bowel syndrome. There will also be feelings of fever and fatigue. Many will be sure that something is wrong but, cannot point a finger at what exactly is wrong. All these symptoms will happen 20 to 50 years after you are exposed to asbestos and therefore it is more difficult than other diseases. The mesothelioma symptoms are similar to other diseases like flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, heart disease and many others. There are other mesothelioma symptoms and some patients could present with more symptoms than than the ones that are known.

Other symptoms include the lack of appetite and difficulties in sleeping. Since the disease will affect many parts of the body, the throat will also be affected and the person may have difficulty swallowing. Others will experience a husky voice and they should get checked out to rule out other diseases that it could be. The two most common problems that will see a patient seek medical help are the lack of breathe and the persistent coughing which are caused by the tumors in the lungs because they are not able to expand properly. It is said that the difficulty to sleep causes the loss of appetite and the lack of appetite will cause weight loss.

The abdominal illness will cause vomiting and also lack of appetite which will eventually lead to weight loss. Heart palpitations are other mesothelioma symptoms and they will present a lot discomfort in a patient. With all these symptoms, you need to make sure that you do not have the disease but, if you have it, there is hope because the treatments are widely available for you. When you experience all the mesothelioma symptoms, do not conclude that you are sick. When you visit a doctor, he will undertake so many other tests including a biopsy. Then you need to be checked and the conclusion will take sometime but, it will be conclusive. The tumors can be cancerous or malignant and they can also be benign or non cancerous. It is good for you to get regular check ups by the doctor and you do not have to wait for you to start showing signs of an illness. The most vital thing however is to stay away from asbestos and tell others to do the same.

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