Types of Mesothelioma Treatment & Symptoms

Types of Mesothelioma Treatment & Symptoms

Mesothelioma is a serious disease that mainly affects those who have been exposed to asbestos. At the early stage, it is very difficult to identify mesothelioma disease, this disease only identified only when its symptoms appear. This can be more to whom those are not aware of its symptoms.

Mesothelioma can affect important parts of body such as organs, including the heart, abdomen and lungs. This disease can cause cancer of these parts if proper treatment is not taken on time. Malignant tumor is one of such mesothelioma disease which can obstruct body’s normal functioning. As a result, pleural mesothelioma might cause a tumor to obstruct the air passage causing difficulty breathing. Pleural mesothelioma might cause fluid to build in the lungs which not only makes it hard to breathe but can also cause significant chest pain.

If any symptom of mesothelioma is found in you then it is necessary to check up yourself to a doctor to be sure. A doctor has a number of tools to correctly diagnose mesothelioma or determine if your symptoms are due to another condition. In the diagnosis stage of mesothelioma, your doctor will start by examining the affected area with a MRI, CT-scan or even just an X-ray. If mesothelioma is found after the preliminary treatment, a medical oncologist will then perform a biopsy to make sure. A biopsy is performed in order to collect a small tissue-sample which does involve minor surgery.

There are two major factors on whichMesothelioma treatment is dependent: where the cancer is located and how far it has progressed. The types of mesothelioma treatment can, generally, be classified into the three categories of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Surgery for mesothelioma involves removing all or part of the affected organs along with the lining that surrounds them. Radiation therapy is another common treatment for mesothelioma. The cancer is exposed to radiation either from a machine that radiates high-energy rays or from radioactive materials that are encased and inserted next to cancerous tissue in order to shrink it. This is often combined with chemotherapy. When treating mesothelioma, chemotherapy is generally administered by way of an IV. However, researchers are looking into the effectiveness of injecting directly into the affected area.

Chemotherapy is almost never the sole treatment for mesothelioma. Instead, it is often combined with both radiation therapy and surgery to help control the cancerous cells from multiplying and spreading. Treatment that combines chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is called tri-modality therapy and is the most effective, as well as the most invasive, care available today for those who suffer from mesothelioma.

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