When need chemotherapy for mesothelioma patients

When need chemotherapy for mesothelioma patients

The needs of chemotherapy will be decided by your doctors. Several factors involve with this treatment such as stage of the cancer, types of cancer, types of drugs you are taking, age of the tumor etc. The doctors will also think about the goal of the chemotherapy is stop the growth of the tumor or completely erase the tumor.

Generally, chemotherapy treatment is administered in a cyclic manner which is defined as a period of treatment followed by a period of rest. The purpose of this cycle is to allow the cancer cells to be attacked by the drugs, and then allows the body’s normal cells time to recover.

Chemotherapy treatment should be a supportive effort between you and your doctor. The communication that takes place is important to your health. It will help you feel better along with address any potential problems with improper communication.

For mesothelioma patients, mesothelioma cancer can be treated by the use of anti cancer drug therapies. These anti cancer drugs act by inhibiting tumor growth through the blocking of cell division and multiplication. This form of action also unfortunately affects other hurriedly replicating cells in the body, cells of the hair and the lining of the intestine are particularly vulnerable, thus leading to the common side effects of anti cancer drugs like hair loss and nausea.

There are various side effect could with mesothelioma chemotherapy treatment, these are
-Fever of, or greater than 101 degrees
-Diarrhea or constipation
-Tingling or numbness in the fingers or toes
-Ringing in the ear
s -Bruises or rashes
-Sores in the mouth or throat
-Reduced white blood cell count {neutropenia} making you more prone to infections. For this reason your full blood count should be monitored closely.

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