Woman Suffers From Mesothelioma

Watch this 2 minute Fox News Interview with Julie Gundlach who was recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma.

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  • SheilaJOliver:

    Have a look what Stockport Council in Cheshire, England is subjecting 550 primary school pupils and 78 babies in the nursery to:-


    “Experts” clear brown asbestos from Harcourt School site

  • evillurkswithinusall:

    i had an idiot who broke in a clutch disc to my speech class in order to talk about how to change it. i wonder if he exposed the entire class to this dangerous dust. of course, maybe it wasn’t a clutch disc that had asbestos, but still… who knows? this stuff really should have been banned decades ago.

  • boiledhooker:

    “And Julie being a little constipated…to say the least” Gee, thanks dear!

  • dragonweilder101:

    @underbay, rofl!!!ikr!!!but this is sad…

  • jonnijames:

    @splatterduke AHAHHAha used in brake pads
    thats the worst offender right there, stuff the building site and the rest, if our eyes could zoom in we’d see the trillions of particles of asbestos flyin up behind the car in front and copping the car behind all over with the shit.

  • ivantide:

    You know what? I’m scared. My friend is a tile worker and has been exposed. We cook at his place every weekend and God knows if he cleans his clothes and hair properly. I’d wait up to 40 years to know I’m affected.

  • doobaloo132:

    its called plural paratineal, i think that’s how you spell it. you can only get in the stomach from eating the stuff.

  • jonnijames:

    @gyrate4 , ya, exposure . who knows, but i can tell you your not alone, here in australia its all around me, if i go out my back door i can see around 30 x 1metre sheets of it all in my 3 surrounding neighbours yards, and its dark and old and degraded just one look at the stuff makes ya chringe. Not to mention around 1985 its still used in all brake pads / clutch discs for buses/ cars/ trucks and from what i’ve seen in australia, there is no safe removal in place, ppl freely poison every1 else

  • esther19741974:

    scientifically thinking? just like the science guys from climategate iam sure? what do these people want everyone dead or what, it seems all vaccinations or drugs are all carcinogenic, deadly chemicals in the water . i think the government ellit want us all dead

  • gyrate4:

    Construction workers often remove it improperly during renovation and spread it throughout buildings. This way it exposes other tenants in a building. No telling how much asbestos I’ve been exposed to in NYC.

  • Gandhiablo:

    Is Brokaw drunk?

  • splatterduke:

    asbestos is banned you idiot. used in brakepads nowadays and thats all. no one uses it in any way in new homes or buildings. companies like donalco try and get rid of it all still existing anywhere

  • WWERocksfool:

    a bad thing retard

  • kosai19:

    Anyone know what happened to her? I hope she recovered.

  • mohammedlovespork:

    boy ur not kidding huh? that koksukr must know somebody at the tv station cause nobody would ever hire that slurred speach koksuker. sounds like he’s struggling with a dick in his mouth ROFL

  • xkatie656:

    what the hey is Asbestos

  • mrdeleted:

    it expired

  • underbay:

    No offense, but the narrator sounds stoned.

  • tazer40:

    methothelioma mestholioma blogs pot WE need your voice now Stand up against cancer! dammit~

  • makezmuzic:

    I think this Jordan is just a high, or middle school student pretending to be a college student.

    An adult would not be spouting such disrespectful, ignorant statements. He or she is a troll with no learned values yet.
    You are so right, they know nothing about meso.

    My heart goes out to your Father, you and your family. After spending his life helping people, it is the most unkind cut of all that he would have to deal with this terrible disease.

    Asbestos MUST be banned!

  • andrewbedel:

    Maybe people that don’t have mesothelioma or don’t know anything about it, shouldn’t talk about it.

  • andrewbedel:

    My father was a fire fighter does that mean I deserved to get mesothelioma second hand??

  • makezmuzic:

    What an Ass you are Jordan. NO, it’s not always stated when there is any in ther area or its being used. At this moment there are a bunch of money hungry contractors trying to get over on people by building houses on an old asbestos dump site in Pennsylvania.

    50% of the people that die of meso are the women who were exposed from washing their husbands clothes.

    With any luck, your condoum with break and you’ll find out first hand about contracting a terminal disease.

  • everEbody:

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  • Wolfcub104:

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